ISPL India's First T10 Tennis Ball Cricket

The Tournament start from 2nd march to 9 march in mumbai There will be 6 teams.

This groundbreaking event will feature six teams, representing major cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and even Srinagar. Significantly, ISPL League marks India’s foray into hosting a T10 tennis ball cricket competition, ensuring an exhilarating experience for players and fans alike.

The ISPL, India’s First T10 Tennis Ball Cricket tournament, has garnered immense attention and excitement within the cricketing community. BCCI Treasurer Ashish Shelar, a member of the core committee, emphasized that this league not only introduces a dynamic and entertaining cricket format, but also serves as a platform for extraordinary, unnoticed talent to shine on a grand stage.

Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) President Amol Kale shares Shelar’s sentiments, highlighting the invaluable opportunity ISPL provides to aspiring players who dream of showcasing their exceptional cricket skills in front of a broader audience. The league offers them a vital platform to make their long-awaited stadium debut, opening the doors for their cricketing dreams to become a reality.

The registration window for the Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament 2023 to participate in the ISPL India’s First T10 Tennis Ball Cricket commences on the 1st of December and concludes on the 20th of December 2023.

Aspiring teams can complete their registration process by navigating to the official website at Ensure to seize this temporal opportunity within the stipulated timeframe to be part of the upcoming cricket spectacle.

ISPL T10 Login @

The ISPL League aims to revolutionize the cricketing world with its unique and fast-paced T10 format. Building on the success of T20 cricket, this championship promises to intensify the thrill by further reducing the overs to ten per side. The tournament will witness the participation of six teams, each owned by a franchise that represents a prominent city. Combining the love for cricket with the love for their cities, these franchises, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Srinagar, will unleash their talent and compete fiercely for the coveted ISPL League title.

still no any official team owner of the Kolkata team.

And other team owener has been almost finalised and they are given below of ISPL – India’s first T10 tennis tournament.

The debut of ISPL League marks an important milestone for India, solidifying their presence in hosting international cricket tournaments. By embracing the T10 tennis ball cricket format, India paves the way for a new era of shorter yet exhilarating matches. With a remarkable cricketing history and passionate fan base, India is well-equipped to provide the perfect setting for this pioneering event. As the nation that birthed T20 cricket, India is ready to embrace the excitement and competitiveness of the T10 format.

During the ISPL India’s First T10 Tennis Ball Cricket, all six teams will clash with each other twice in an intense round-robin format, leading to a total of twelve matches in the tournament. This ensures ample opportunity for teams to showcase their talent, make their mark, and secure their position in the playoffs. Each match will be a battle where players strive to claim victory within the ten-over limit, unleashing their skills in every aspect of the game.

Given the global reach and fervor surrounding the sport of cricket, the ISPL League is poised to captivate audiences worldwide. As the tournament unfolds, viewers will witness high-stakes battles, dazzling on-field performances, and nail-biting finishes within the compressed timeframe. Through the innovative adaptation of the T10 tennis ball format ISPL India’s First T10 Tennis Ball Cricket, cricket enthusiasts will be treated to an unforgettable spectacle that takes the game to new heights.

ISPL has also enlisted the support of Ravi Shastri, the esteemed former India coach and player, who will assume the role of the tournament’s chief mentor. Shastri eagerly anticipates witnessing the success stories that will undoubtedly emerge from this exciting venture. He asserts that ISPL will be instrumental in nurturing cricketing talents and providing them with a remarkable platform to flourish on a grand scale.

As anticipation builds for the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL League) in 2024, cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the birth of this exceptional T10 tennis ball cricket competition. With India stepping up to host the event, the league promises breathtaking moments, fierce rivalries, and unparalleled entertainment. By embracing the T10 format, ISPL India’s First T10 Tennis Ball Cricket is poised to leave an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape, captivating global audiences and propelling the sport to greater heights. Let the countdown begin to the of a thrilling cricketing revolution.

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