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World’s largest corporate building monumental structure, known as the Surat Diamond Bourse, has dethroned the iconic Pentagon in terms of sheer size and scale, becoming a symbol of India’s growing influence in the global diamond industry.

Surat Diamond Bourse, located in the diamond city of Surat, Gujarat, is a World’s largest corporate building that commands attention. This colossal structure serves as the world’s largest corporate building and an epicenter for the global diamond trade. But its significance stretches far beyond mere size.

The history of Surat Diamond Bourse dates back to 2004 when it was conceptualized by visionary minds aiming to create a state-of-the-art marketplace for diamonds. The project gained momentum with the support of industry leaders and government bodies, leading to its inauguration in 2019.

What sets this architectural marvel apart is not only its massive footprint but also its cutting-edge design. The building features a blend of contemporary elements and traditional Indian aesthetics, creating a visually stunning masterpiece. Its sleek lines, grand entrances, and meticulously crafted interiors leave visitors spellbound.

One cannot overlook the fact that Surat itself holds immense importance in the global diamond trade. Known as “Diamond City,” Surat is home to thousands of small-scale diamond manufacturers who contribute significantly to India’s diamond exports. With such a rich heritage and economic significance tied to diamonds, it comes as no surprise that this majestic bourse found its home here.

Inside the sprawling premises lie countless offices where renowned diamantaires conduct their business dealings on an international scale. From buying rough stones to selling polished gems worth millions – every facet of the diamond trade finds representation within these walls.

As we unravel more about this awe-inspiring edifice in subsequent sections, prepare yourself for jaw-dropping facts about its design features and how it encapsulates an entire ecosystem dedicated solely to diamonds!


The Surat Diamond Bourse World’s largest corporate building holds a fascinating history that dates back to its establishment in 2004. As the world’s largest corporate building, it has become an iconic symbol of Surat’s prominence in the diamond industry.

World's largest corporate building

Surat, often referred to as the “Diamond City,” has been a major hub for diamond cutting and polishing since the 17th century. The city’s rich history is intertwined with diamonds, attracting traders from across India and beyond.

Recognizing Surat’s potential as a global diamond trading center, plans were set in motion to create a modern infrastructure that would cater to this booming industry. The idea for theWorld’s largest corporate building Surat Diamond Bourse was born out of this vision.

Construction of the bourse began in 2010 and took several years to complete. The architects meticulously designed this architectural marvel with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced security systems, catering specifically to the needs of diamond merchants.

Today, World’s largest corporate building the Surat Diamond Bourse stands tall as a testament to Surat’s evolution into one of the most significant players in the global diamond trade. Its history is filled with stories of progress and success, making it an essential part of Surat’s identity.

With its impressive past paving the way for an even brighter future, it comes as no surprise that visitors flock from around the world to witness firsthand this grandiose structure – truly deserving of its title as World’s largest corporate building one of humanity’s greatest architectural achievements.

A Marvel of Architectural Grandeur

Spanning over 35 acres of land, the Surat Diamond Bourse World’s largest corporate building is a sprawling 15-story complex specifically designed to cater to the needs of the diamond industry. The building, with its unique layout of nine interconnected rectangular structures emanating from a central “spine,” stands as a testament to the architectural prowess of its designers.

World's largest corporate building

Surpassing the Pentagon’s World’s largest corporate building Legacy

Covering a staggering 7.1 million square feet of floor space, the Surat Diamond Bourse has surpassed the Pentagon, the renowned headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, which held the crown for nearly 80 years. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the rapid development and progress of Surat as a global hub for the diamond trade.

An Ambitious Project

The construction of the Surat Diamond Bourse was not without its fair share of challenges. The project, which took approximately four years to complete, including two years of pandemic-related delays caused by the COVID-19 crisis, faced numerous obstacles along the way. However, the dedication and perseverance of the project’s team ensured its successful completion of World’s largest corporate building.

World's largest corporate building

A Boon for the Diamond Industry

The Surat Diamond Bourse aims to streamline and centralize diamond-related operations, providing a one-stop-shop for over 65,000 diamond professionals. Previously, many individuals had to commute daily from their homes to offices in Mumbai, enduring exhausting journeys of up to four hours. The relocation of businesses to Surat not only saves valuable time and resources but also offers a more conducive environment for the diamond industry to thrive.

A Delight for the Eyes and the Environment

The architectural firm Morphogenesis, based in New Delhi, deserves credit for the awe-inspiring design of the Surat Diamond Bourse. The building incorporates a range of innovative features that promote sustainability and energy efficiency, making it a model for future corporate structures. Its design allows for up to 50% less energy consumption, earning it a prestigious “platinum” rating from the Indian Green Building Council.

One remarkable feature is the “radiant cooling” system, which circulates chilled water beneath the floors to regulate indoor temperatures naturally. Additionally, the building harnesses the power of solar energy to provide electricity for common areas, reducing its carbon footprint. The interconnected offices, resembling the layout of an airport terminal, foster collaboration and connectivity among its 4,700 office spaces.

World's largest corporate building

A Monumental Investment

The Surat Diamond Bourse, with its grandeur and scale, is not only a testament to architectural brilliance but also a significant investment. The project required a substantial financial commitment, with an estimated cost of around 32 billion rupees. This investment demonstrates the confidence and belief in the potential of Surat as a global diamond trading hub.

World's largest corporate building

An Exciting Future Ahead

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to inaugurate the Surat Diamond Bourse later this year, marking a momentous occasion for India’s diamond industry. The building will begin accommodating its first occupants in November, breathing life into its corridors and offices. This milestone achievement will further solidify Surat’s position as a global leader in the diamond trade.

World's largest corporate building


The Surat Diamond Bourse’s ascension to become the world’s largest corporate building is a testament to India’s growing influence in the global diamond industry. This architectural marvel, surpassing the iconic Pentagon, is a symbol of Surat’s rapid development and progress. With its state-of-the-art facilities and sustainable design features, the Surat Diamond Bourse is poised to revolutionize the diamond trade. As Surat prepares to open its doors to the world, it heralds a new era of growth and prosperity for the city and the entire diamond industry.

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